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I learned how to garden at an early age.  My grandfather, Bill, lived in Pueblo, Colorado, and we would travel there from Denver on a monthly basis to help him with his garden.  He reminded me that a lot of people think that gardening starts in May here in Colorado, and goes to the end of September.  In fact, you can actually garden every single day of the year!  We would prepare our seeds and design the layout in January, plant the seeds in February in our grow room, start nutrients in march and begin the compost for the year, then every single month after that. There were specific milestones and dates each month for maintaining the garden.  We gardened all 12 months of the year.

I want to teach you how to do this.  I want to make gardening less overwhelming for you.  You can have a sustainable garden even if you don’t live in a house with a large lot.  You can even have a successful garden in your patio or even your kitchen.

As a Colorado Native, I understand the different types of soil in Zone 5.  I understand the weather patterns and the amount of sunlight each plant needs.  This is easy to figure out once you know what to look for.

I am a 5 year Ovarian Tumor Survivor and participate in fundraising and educational activities with Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.  Although cancer doesn’t define my journey, it has helped build a platform for awareness for others.  I shared my full story in an Anthology published in June 2020 called, “Ready to Fly 3” which can be found on Amazon.

I enjoy quality moments with family hiking, camping, crafting, cooking and cuddles with my dog, Neo and cats Judge Marco, Neko Katie and Ebony Ceres.  In fact, I  host a YouTube channel sharing tips for cooking, fun recipes, gardening tips, craft ideas and Pinterest Fails called Hollie Hobbie.  I also have owned and managed a successful social media business for the last 15 years called The Social Media Advisor.

Mandy has joined the team to assist in the installation of the established plants in the garden.  We both enjoyed our seasonal experiences at Tagawa Gardens in the past and enjoy the planting and design process.